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Mezclas V20 Bahamas – Mosaico de vidrio

Estas mezclas, son Mezclas Estándar, algunas están almacenadas y fácilmente disponibles. Algunas de estas mezclas fueron diseñadas para ser usadas en baños, cocinas, y la mayoría de todas las piscinas de azulejos, las mezclas da la sensación de agua en movimiento, algunos tiene chispas de iridiscencia que destaca agua natural refleja otras mezclas tiene tonos de la misma gama de colores, algunos Otros tiene contraste de color, todos estos efectos combinados con movimientos de agua añade belleza a su piscina. Las mezclas personalizadas están disponibles en el sitio de MVM, por favor consulte E ingrese al mezclador (pronto disponible).

Espesor del mosaico: [tile_thickness]

Precio relativo: [relative_pricing]

Tipo: [type]

Tipo de montaje: [mounting]

Variación de tono: [shade_variation]

Coeficiente de fricción húmedo

Absorción de agua

Resistencia a la ruptura

< 0.42

< 0.01%

> 250 lbs

Escala de MOH's

Resistencia al ataque químico

Resistencia a la abrasión





Aplicación en interiores

Uso residencial: [interior_residential]

Uso comercial: [interior_commercial]

Aplicación en exteriores

Uso residencial: [exterior_residential]

Uso comercial: [exterior_commercial]

Medidas: [title_size] [size_inch]

Medida de la hoja: [sheet_size]

Medidas: [title_size] [size_inch]

Medida de la hoja: [sheet_size]

Is mosaico veneciano® laid individually?

No, mosaico veneciano® is usually attached to paper, mesh, plastic or dot, presented on 1/10 m2 sheets, 10 sheets making up 1m2, and generally packed in boxes of 4m2.

Is the Kolorines® covering only for swimming pools or can be it used for interiors?

Owing to the fact that Kolorines® mosaic is made of glass it has traditionally been used for exteriors, whether for swimming pools where a covering is needed that withstands not only the application of highly corrosive chemicals such as chlorine, soda ash and muriatic acid (these last two are used to balance the pH), but also sunlight, discoloration and scrubbing on areas at the waterline where suntan lotions, oils etc. will stain any covering. As Kolorines® mosaic does not absorb water and therefore resists freezing in extreme climate conditions, it is also used in different types of weather and on façades where a low-maintenance covering unsusceptible to color loss is required. All these characteristics make this an ideal product for exteriors, although 50% of its good performance depends on correct installation both in exteriors and interiors. A common interior application during the Roman era was in the private baths of luxury residences and also in public baths, to which were added ornamental borders, medallions and artistic decoration.

Can boxes of mosaico veneciano® be stored outside like boxes of tiles can?

No, because mosaico veneciano® is adhered to paper and the adhesive is soluble in water. Therefore under no circumstances should boxes be left outside where there may be extreme humidity or where they could get wet and run the risk of the glass tesserae coming off the paper.

What can I do with glass tesserae that have come off the paper because they got wet?

They can be sent to the factory to be reattached or, if you are able to obtain the molds or trays and the adhesive paper, you can fix them back on yourself.

What type of Kolorines® product can I install around the fireplace?

All our products are heat resistant and can be used around the fireplace. When covering an area in any high temperature environment you must first make sure that the adhesive and grout are made of heat resistant material.

Is it very difficult or complicated to lay mosaico veneciano®?

Although laying is not difficult, experience in the correct method of installation is recommended for achieving optimum results. We advise you to take a preliminary course and to follow the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations.


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