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LA Times Features 50-Year Old Kolorines Tile Pool

Kolorines pool tile continues to shine, even 50 years after installation. The Los Angeles Times featured the Johansson family pool in the Baldwin Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. The pool was tiled by Kolorines over 50 years ago, and is still remarked for its for it’s “dramatic mosaic pool- still a perfect canvas painted with thousands of minuscule turquoise, azure and 24-karat-gold glass squares placed in wave patterns with a school of red-and-gold fish swimming at one edge.” The pool was one of the first residential commissions for Kolorines in the U.S. The owner of the home saw Kolorines tiled pools while on business in Mexico and insisted on meeting the artist, eventually bringing him to Los Angeles to complete his own all-tile pool, the focal point of his home. Read the article from LA Times here, and browse the Johansson pool photos below.   kolorines pool tile LATimes_California SPools LJ2 LATimes_California SPools LJ3 LATimes_California SPools LJ4 LATimes_California SPools LJ5 LATimes_California SPools LJ6


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