Lew Akins, CBP

I’m a Certified Building Professional and I specalize in all-tile pools. We started working with Kolorines tiles in the early 80’s and love the product because it’s paper-faced. The paper creates a 100% adhesion and eliminates the grouting of the tile, which makes for faster installation. Kolorines has the widest selection of colors and mosaics you could possibly image. We are incredibly excited about how our all-tile pools and murals are looking with Kolorines, and the professional support our clients receive from Kolorines makes us look good too. We’ve learned that if you put all-tile pools on the menu, many people will go for it because they want the very nicest thing they can have. That’s what all-tile pools are. They’re permanent, and they’re magnificently beautiful. People at resorts in Mexico see these all-tile pools which are often made with Kolorines, and it helps people visualize how amazing their pool can be. It’s not nearly as expensive as they imagine it to be, either. All-tile pools are extremely marketable. We include them in every proposal. We won “Best of Show” at the APSP Design Awards last year with one of our Kolorines glass tile pools. When we do all-tile pools, they win awards. It’s great for business because other clients see that we’re an award-winning contractor and they choose us for that reputation. They say, “Look at this beautiful pool. What makes it so special?” It’s all-tile. Lew Akins, CBP CEO Ocean Quest Pools by Lew Akins

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