Live in constant summer with vibrant colors

The Solar Collection exudes a festive mood and a vigorous energy that proposes vitality and modern style. Solar is made up of lightly veined Venetian Smalti presented in solid, colorful sunbursts.

* The colors of this collection are the warm colors of the Murano collection: saturated colors on the yellow, orange, red spectrum and some have veins of color of the same hue.

HFormat_SOLAR Gallery KOL_Tangerine v20

SOLAR Collection | v20 Tangerine | Peach | Vermillion | Casa De Los Arboles Hotel | By Tecnología Acuática

HFormat_SOLAR Gallery KOL_Vermillion v20

SOLAR Collection | v20 Vermillion | By Mosaicist Inc.

SOLARGallery KOL_v20 Vermillion

SOLAR Collection | v20 Vermillion | Desire Pearl Resort & Spa By Original Resorts



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Tile Square

(3/4" x 3/4")

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Tile Square

(2" x 2")