Tile Mosaic Designs

Custom Tile Mosaics and Mosaic Tile Designs For Purchase

FINISH THE LOOK. Eye catching mosaics or traditional looks- Transform your pool with Kolorines. Our mosaics guarantee quality, durability, easy maintenance and value. Improve your swimming pool with our versatile and attractive collections.  


Kolorines Ready-Made Pool Art

The Pool Art Collection demonstrates the ingenuity and careful work entailed to highlight and insignificant corner, turning it into a special or fun area. For children of any age, recreating a fantasy world makes a dip in the pool a whole new experience. Unique glass mosaics murals offer an array of design options.

Custom Mosaics

Create a custom look with unique tile pattern ideas- this is just a selection of the hundreds of mural options. The Custom Mosaics series has several workshops where custom mosaics are made, nevertheless this is a standard collection made for the pool industry, the patterns made with uncut tile (squares) are pixel type designs with bigger sizes and the hand cut tiles are highly detailed patterns.

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