Swimming Pool Interior Pebble Finishes

Ekol: A new sensation, in and out of the water

EKol® is an inspiring collection of surfaces made from small particles of recycled glass that feel like grains of sand to the touch, their original finish reflecting a beauty and durability of exceptional value. With over 30 selected blends variations within the standard range and the opportunity for totally bespoke combinations. Suitable for internal and external application, can be applied to pool decks, swimming pools, wet rooms, walls, floors, special features and work tops. This environmentally friendly product offers sophistication, versatility and durability.



Vitrogota: Inspired by natural beauty, this collection evokes a sensation of natural river pebbles

Organic, adaptable and friendly, the Vitrogota® collection reflects the design of natural river pebbles, but its main component is colored glass. The flat shape and new matte finish make a smooth, comfortable walking surface, while the color options of the glass pebble far exceed those found in rivers. They are offered in an appealing variety of matte, glossy or iridescent colors.


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