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There are numerous glass mosaic and tiled swimming pools and mosaic on walls and floors all over the world, of which I have personally observed, that perform very well as a finished product. We highly recommend glass mosaic and tile […]

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“We use Kolorines glass tiles on many of our projects. We appreciate the beauty of the tiles, the way that sunlight dances off of the surface, the durability that these tiles afford and the way they feel when you are […]

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“Howard Fields & Associates has made extensive use of the Kolorines product and artistc talent on such projects as the Grand Wailea Resort, Hyatt Regency Kuai, the Penta Princess, the Dan Eliat and numerous other swimming pools around the world. […]

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I’m a Certified Building Professional and I specalize in all-tile pools. We started working with Kolorines tiles in the early 80’s and love the product because it’s paper-faced. The paper creates a 100% adhesion and eliminates the grouting of the […]

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